Traditional Martial Arts

Children and Adult Martial Arts in Antioch

Traditional Martial Arts

Our Traditional Taekwondo program and curriculum goes far beyond just kicking and punching. Taekwondo contains core values that align with our beliefs here at Living Proof and they are put in place to help develop the character, personality, and positive morale in each practitioner. Each child and adult martial arts class contains the following:

Our 5 Core Values Are:

1. Courtesy: treating all others with respect and kindness both in and outside of training.

2. Integrity: Determining the difference between right and wrong and to always stand up for what’s right. 

3. Perseverance: The willingness to overcome obstacles and to continue training through hard times with current and future goals in mind. 

4. Indomitable Spirit: Ability to control your emotions, thoughts & actions.

5. Self Control: Having the courage to stand by your values and beliefs regardless of any odds or opponents in front of you.


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