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Our mission is to equip each student with the right skills and tools to not only become a Champion in Taekwondo but more importantly, Champions in Life. We provide the foundation, YOU become the Living Proof.

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Our Life Changing Programs

Little Lions

Children love to explore at a young age. This program was created to enhance the creative and curious minds of young children and introduce them to age-appropriate life skills such as balance, coordination, respect, discipline, and mental growth.

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Traditional Taekwondo

Crafted to deliver success, train the mind to think fast and quickly. This program teaches children and adults to set goals and achieve them. Students can expect to work well and see progress in the studio and out of it too. Adults, get ready for a great workout!

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Elite Sport Taekwondo

Introduced as an official Olympic sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, this program teaches students both the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Olympic Taekwondo sparring from multi-time United States National Team Member, James Howe II. Get your gear on because it’s about to get real fun!

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About Living Proof

The Living Proof Motto

Champions in Life

Inclusion & Diversity: EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Every child has the right to enjoy the fun of playing sports or participating in martial arts regardless of any disabilities.

We will also offer Special Needs Training that will be incorporated into our regular kid’s classes. Taekwondo is most influential when it empowers EVERYONE to do what they love.

“Living Proof Martial Arts & Fitness is a great place for children to learn life lessons and life goals. It’s important for everyone to set goals and achieve greatness. This place will do that!”

- Jared Reed

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